Furniture Steam Cleaning and Disinfection - effective prevention of Corona Virus

 Corona Virus is not really an easygoing random disease as it has been declared pandemic, the world is facing this abrupt alarming situation. This disease not even sparing children is a really hazardous situation and has to be contained as much as possible. The quarantining phase might be helping but as we cannot detect if someone has it unless the person has eloquent symptoms which becomes visible in a span of 14 days. Now, the question here arises that how can we contain this pandemic, and what are the possible setbacks to counter it pivotally? Moreover, as this disease spread through human contact and human contact places, the ignored part here lies in your own house. If you suppose that you have had a get-together or an infected person came to your house and came in contact with your furniture and anyone from your family already has it, the main spreading reason here can be your furniture.

Professional Furniture Steam Cleaning

Furniture might sound like a petite not happening thing but the facts say that this virus stays on thick fabric for more than 12 hours and imagine how much your family comes in contact with your furniture. This virus also comes along foot traffic and can also be brought along anything any cloth, any shopping bag, any guest, in fact, anything at all. Caution, therefore, is a must. The fabric that remains in the fabric can also reside in the depths of the layers and remain there, get strengthen and attack again. This fact makes the situation more critical. TipTop Steam Cleaning Service brings along the ultimate solution for you in the form of exclusive furniture steam cleaning. In this hour of the most need, along with the awareness we bring to you the offer of deep steam cleaning your carpets and fabrics. Alongside this, we also bring along other sanitization offers to help you protect your family from these hazardous effects of coronavirus.

Effectiveness of Furniture Scotch Guarding

Furniture and house steam cleaning help to remove the places of contamination, which tend to spread the infection across the house. However, you cannot this in regular places and we understand the hassle of constant furniture and carpets cleaning. As you cannot see the germ, you cannot apply the action to those particular places therefore, we present to you a service that would guard your furniture against COVID-19. With us, you can also contain it by Furniture Scotch Guarding, with this we apply ultimate scotch guarding and this solution is anti-bacterial and fill the spaces in-between the fabric to prevent it from letting any germs reside in those spaces. After scotch guarding of furniture all you got to do is mop the furniture and carpets with anti-septic and not deep clean them every day.

Most Integral Furniture Disinfection

We apply the most professional and power active furniture sanitization that you’d ever come across. We employ the most efficient and dedicated team of experts along with the most high-quality and effective furniture sanitizers. Also, we go about a unique method in which you have to be proficient enough to apply it. At Tiptop Steam Cleaning, we integrate the sanitizers with a measured amount of steam and use special wands for its application. This helps in sanitizing all your furniture items and carpets and human contact places and with it you can sustain the sanitation, unlike random mop sanitation that you do by yourself. Not only is it more effective but it also saves you from the constant nuisance of disinfecting the furniture and other contact places. So, call in and allow us to help you to prevent it altogether.


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